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MecMast: the new Mast for Military
The MecMast is the NEW Fireco mechanical telescopis mast driven by an electrical motor. The MecMast provides an excellent solution for specially designed antennas, cameras and other specific equipment used for Communications and Surveillance.
Fireco Telescopic Masts could be useful for various situations and applications, from emergency to photo shooting. We furnish masts also to most important F1 teams to monitor the weather or to light the pits. See all the Telescopic Masts Range.
FIRECO offers a wide range of tailor-made Telescopic Masts and accessories for Military applications. A wide range of options to suit your requirements such as elevating antennas, mobile radars, monitoring devices, surveillance and CCTV equipment.
Aquamast: Revolutionary Mast
The patented system AQUAMAST is a brand new product and idea. The mast can have an extended height from 4m until 13m and can be easily mount on a small trailer, pick up or vehicle.