Fireco has always offered reliable and high-quality products, at the forefront in the fields of technical development and design.


Pneumatic masts

The pneumatic masts can be extended using compressed air, coming from compressors, hand pumps or other sources (vehicle braking system). They can be equipped with LED headlights, different types of movement systems, cameras, radars and antennas, depending on the weight and dimensions. Some models are equipped with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic locking devices.


Electromechanical masts

Lifting force, sturdiness, reliability and precision are the most important features of these telescopic masts, specifically designed for the communication, defense and surveillance sectors. They require low maintenance and withstand adverse environmental conditions.


High pressure kits

Fireco is also a world leader in the production of high-pressure kits and motor pumps for the fire-fighting sector, with a large number of available configurations and models. Widely adaptable to the needs of the individual customer, the Fireco fire-fighting high-pressure kits can have tanks in stainless steel or GRP, combined with different motors and pumps.

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Fireco offers a series of special products: from the patented Aquamast, which allows the user to extinguish fires in places that are difficult to be reached by traditional vehicles, to the roller shutters for vehicles and to safety systems.

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